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The response from teachers who have been using theme songs in their classrooms has been nothing short of overwhelming. "I am amazed at how well this idea has worked with my students." "It's like magic!" "I have a pretty tough class this year and thought the songs wouldn't work very well. You should see them scramble to get ready for recess when they hear the first few notes of Mission Impossible.If you have any unique or rare television theme song you would like to contribute for our users please let us know by visiting our contact page.

It might be the natural outcome of a think-pair-share situation. The melody of the song is a right-brain cue that is able to cut through all of the verbal clutter and send a clear, unmistakeable message.

Add to those two the oh-so-annoying, off-topic social talk that can occur on a regular basis and we're dealing with a virtual tidal wave of words. Music Messages A theme song can be used to send a number of different messages.

Bill Cullen hosted the 1980–82 version, with Bob Hilton as announcer.

Johnny Olson and Rich Jeffries substituted for Hilton on occasion, with Jeffries taking over for the final two weeks.

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Had to think about both "Dating Game" clues (what a weird, wonderful little clue pairing that was). I will be spending my days in library coolness, except when I'm yelling at soccer, but at least then I'll have my friend beer.

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Letterman's show, which NBC had cancelled three game shows to create a space for back in June 1980, did not draw ratings and only managed a total of eighteen weeks of episodes before NBC decided to return to a more traditional morning lineup.

Three contestants played in each game, with a solo contestant playing against a team of two related contestants that was referred to as the "family pair".

Over the course of two decades, the New York Festival of Song has cemented its reputation in the minds and hearts of concertgoers as a renowned and beloved presenter of songs of every stripe and variety.

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