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Here are the latest predictions and some info on the live season finale that will end yet another entertaining season of ABC’s popular ballroom dance competition.Although the network has yet to confirm the date for the season finale, the spring season typically ends one week before the new season of fans can expect the Mirrorball Trophy winner to be crowned on May 15 unless the network decides to air the finale on a Sunday (May 21).At that time, the site indicated that Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles was “the woman to beat with 2/3 odds of winning the Mirrorball trophy.” However, as the weeks pass and the celebrity dancers continue to improve, there have been some changes not only in the predictions — and not just from sites who figure out the odds.

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According to , the ten remaining couples will dance to songs (list below) picked by the celebrities that pay tribute to a “memorable time or truly incredible experience in their life.” Which songs did the celebrities pick for their “Most Memorable Year” performances, who are their performances dedicated to, and who is rumored to be up for elimination?

Here’s what fans can expect during the two-hour show on Monday night.

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