Wsus 3 0 clients not updating

What’s next in my post is nothing special that most of smart admins might not been knowing about, but I thought to make a step by step guide over WSUS from the resources already available over internet.Offline updates solution: Autopatcher: When you talk about updating few PCs just built up and installed, then the best tool that strikes me is Autopatcher.Configuring this setting will enable the workstations on your network to register directly with your WSUS server (client-side registration). In the Options area, type the group name for this computer (Your WSUS server can use this information to group computers into different groups. Step 36: Next, double-click on Specify intranet Microsoft update service location. Step 38: Let’s go back to our WSUS server and create a new computer group.

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Once you are satisfied with the options, click OK to exit the screen.

Step 35: Next, double-click Enable client-side targeting.

We’re using WSUS 3.0 to update our environment with the latest Windows Updates. The majority was downloaded and after rebooting the server when these updates were installed, windows update failed to detect and download the rest of the required updates within a reasonable amount of time.

I found that sometimes when a lot of updates had to be installed on a server, not all approved updates were downloaded to the server.

Windows Update Step 34: Double-click Configure Automatic Updates Select Enabled Under Options, choose how would you want your workstations to update.

In my case, I prefer the PCs to download the updates and schedule them to be installed at 3 AM daily.Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is one of the best solution for your all such worries.If you are running a setup of at least 50 PCs then you sure must be knowing about WSUS already and if you not or thought that its too hard to implement then its about time to take note of it.We all know that Windows updates are important for security and functionality of our Windows PCs and we all want to keep our systems updated.But at the same time, people on volume limited internet plans also blame these windows updates running in background for escalated data usages, specially if we are running many systems and want to keep all of them updated.That's the command to use, but it won't force a download, it just makes the client check in with WSUS and ensure it's interfacing with it.

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